The Surest Way To Finding The Right Accountant For Your Small Business

Accounting is critical in business. It helps you understand your business's financial health, which is crucial for its success. Generally, hiring an accountant is the surest way to get the most of out your business's accounting services. An experienced and competent accountant will take care of critical accounting functions, including tracking your cash flow, preparing and maintaining financial statements, managing your payroll and taxes and offering advisory services on taxes, income projections, etc., among other responsibilities. All these will give you the much-needed peace of mind managing and running a successful business.

However, finding the right accountant for your business can be challenging. Here is a guide to help you.

Assess Your Business Needs

Understanding your business needs will go a long way in helping you find the right accountant for the job. For instance, consider your financial goals and evaluate what you need an accountant to manage. Generally, accountants can perform several tasks. Bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, accounts payable and receivable, taxes or audits, budgeting, financial analysis and financial planning are a few of the many accounting roles. Therefore, are you looking for someone to handle all your accounting operations? Perhaps you only need help with your taxes or bookkeeping? Do you want a full-time or part-time accountant? Answering all these questions will help you narrow down your options to accountants that suit the job.

Consider Their Specialisation

Once you determine your business needs, the next step is to assess the accountant's specialty. You will be better off working with an accountant with the experience and specialty in your industry. Can they offer the services you need? For instance, if it's auditing or financial analysis, are they well conversant with the specifics of such services in your industry? Therefore, do some background research into their previous work. Referrals and reviews can help you with this. Competent accountants will also be more than willing to take ownership of and discuss some of their previous work.

Decide Between An In-House Accountant And Outsourcing

You will also need to choose whether to outsource your accounting functions to an accounting firm or hire an in-house accountant. Each option has its pros and cons that you must evaluate carefully before selecting one. For instance, for a small business, hiring an in-house accountant may be costlier because of wages, taxes and benefits. However, an in-house accountant may be a better option when it comes to availability and dedication, whether full-time or part-time. That's because some large accounting firms tend to prioritise larger businesses, leaving smaller businesses to junior accountants. While that's not always the case, availability may still be a concern even if you are allocated an experienced accountant due to busy schedules in large accounting firms.

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